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Aston Martin Valkyrie Gets Hardcore AMR Track Performance Pack

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As well as a host of extensive customization options.

It's been a while since we heard about the hotly anticipated Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar. A few months ago, a report claimed Aston Martin will offer a Track Pack variant of the Valkyrie that slots between the standard road car and the track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro. Turns out these rumors were right because Aston Martin has officially unveiled the AMR Track Performance Pack, which adds an assortment of track-only components to the road-going Valkyrie.

These parts can be swapped with the existing road-legal parts and deliver approximately eight percent quicker lap times over the standard Valkyrie, according to Aston Martin.

The AMR Track Performance Pack adds a new aerodynamic front clam delivering greater downforce and efficiency, a second set of all other exterior body panels, lightweight titanium brakes, track-focused suspension and matte black magnesium performance wheels and carbon-fiber aero-disks. Customers can also add personalized pit garage and race suit accessory options to the package.

Three exclusive AMR livery designs also available, or customers can choose their own unique finish, which can be personalized by Aston Martin's Q division.

Aston Martin has also revealed some of the extensive options available for the Valkyrie road car, including four Designer Specification themes "for those who want their Valkyrie to stay close to the designer's vision", featuring exclusive Valkyrie colors including Slipstream Green, Liquid Petroleum, Ethanol Silver and Maximum Orange. Choosing the Ultimate Personalization programme will invite customers to work closely with the Aston Martin Design team to refine their specification.

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As standard, the roof and rear engine cover will be finished in gloss black paint, or it can be presented in exposed carbon fiber, which can continue across the cantrails with a gloss lacquer. The silver textured tailpipe and muffler can also be finished in black, and full titanium wings badges can be added.

Inside, there's a wide choice of Alcantara colors, patterns and finishes available for the seats, along with six bold color choices for the seat harness, which complements the exterior livery and contrasts with the choice of hardware presented in carbon fiber. Woven leather first seen on the Aston Martin One-77 can also be added to the door pocket and armrest trim.

The driver-focused switchgear on the steering wheel is made in anodized silver, black or red, whether you want a stealthy or track-inspired appearance. Alternatively, customers can enlist Aston Martin's Q division to add titanium switches.

Other personalization options offered by Aston Martin's Q division for the Valkyrie include the grandiose Gold Pack, which features a 24-carat gold leaf livery that is meticulously laid under the paint lacquer, and the Mokume Carbon Fiber option pack, which adorns areas such as the inner scoop of the headlights, sidepod vanes, armrest, central interior vent and the steering wheel face plate with 'Carbon Jewellery.'

Customers can then view their chosen specification in an immersive virtual reality experience provided by Aston Martin.