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Aston Martin Valkyrie To Be Defining Hypercar Of Its Generation

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Aston Martin reveals new technology partner for upcoming hypercar.

Aston Martin has been putting all its technical know-how into developing the ground-breaking Valkyrie hypercar. Having established strong ties with Cosworth and Redbull on this project, the British carmaker has now announced that Tencate Advanced Composites will be a technical partner on the project.

Aston Martin say that Tencate will be supplying advanced composite materials for a broad range of end-use applications throughout the car, including structural, cosmetic and high-temperature components. This technical partnership is the first advanced composite material partnership for the sports car manufacturer.

The Valkyrie has an all-carbon fiber bodyshell that develops massive downforce to enable the electrically assisted 6.5-liter V12 powerplant to do give the hypercar serious cornering abilities. Tencate has worked very closely with Aston Martin's team to make certain that the very best composite material solutions are available for the program.

Scott Unger, Chief Technology Officer at TenCate says that they are very excited to have been selected as technology partner for Aston Martin and he says that their companies strong technical position in Formula 1 combined with their technical support and expertise makes this the ideal partnership.

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David King, Vice President and Chief Special Operations Officer, at Aston Martin said, "The extraordinary targets we have set ourselves for the Aston Martin Valkyrie require us to select partners with exceptional technical capabilities and products. In TenCate Advanced Composites we have found a partner with the skillset and the mindset to join us in meeting the challenges of developing and producing what will undoubtedly be the defining hypercar of its generation."

With a mere 150 road-legal Valkyries planned for production, this will be a very rare and special vehicle indeed, no doubt made even more cutting-edge with the input from Tencate. A further 25 track-only AMR Pro variants will be built for a few wealthy customers who want to dominate every track day they attend. Skill levels permitting of course.