Aston Martin Vanquish Could Return As A Shooting Brake

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If we could, we'd buy one in a heartbeat.

You'd think that the design of the ravishing and legendary Aston Martin Vanquish could hardly be bettered. Still, that car's talented designer has just published a render of a shooting brake Vanquish that is possibly even prettier.

Ian Callum is the individual behind this Vanquish shooting brake, sharing the render on the Callum Designs Instagram page. This isn't Callum's first reimagined version of the Vanquish, with the designer previously unveiling the Callum Vanquish 25 in 2020, a car also known as the Vanquish VC25 and pictured below in red.

Clearly, he has a lot of love for the project, and the latest render looks even sleeker. Not every car can be transformed into a shooting brake with proportionally pleasing lines, but Callum's latest design has earned almost unanimous praise on social media.


Compared to the Vanquish 25 from 2020, the new one seems to sit even lower to the ground, as seen in the visual comparison below. The side glasshouse now stretches even further back, and the roofline is extended, while the rear window seems to wrap around the body in a way the 2020 car's window did not.

The bulbous rear fender that makes the rear half of the body broader and more muscular remains, as do the multi-spoke wheels. The shooting brake has no B-pillar and the side windows are frameless, and there's a subtle integrated spoiler at the back.

Replying to some fans on social media, Callum seemed open to the possibility of this latest design reaching production. He was open to many suggestions, even saying that a manual gearbox was not out of the question. Furthermore, Callum revealed that the car would cost "lots" if it went on sale and said, "If somebody wants one, we could definitely build it."


The Callum Vanquish 25 was highly customizable for the 25 lucky buyers who got hold of one, and it came with three transmission choices: a manual, an automatic, and a semi-automatic. Its V12 was tuned to deliver 580 horsepower, so the same engine may be used in the latest model if it ever sees the light of day.

The Vanquish 25 also came with Bilstein dampers, sharper steering, and a lower seating position, all part of over 350 changes made between it and the original Vanquish coupe. We expect many of these will be adopted for the latest design, too.

Callum's shooting brake is a wonderful way to extend the life of the original Vanquish. We'd love to see him develop a similar shooting break reinvention of the DB7, another of his famous designs, or even the more modern DBS.

2017-2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe Front View Driving Aston Martin
1999-2004 Aston Martin DB7 Frontal Aspect Aston Martin
2022-2023 Aston Martin DBS Rear Angle View Aston Martin

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2017-2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe Front View Driving

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