Aston Martin Vulcan Will Be Built In Secret

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We can only assume James Bond is somehow involved.

Aston Martin has built plenty of race cars before, be they track versions of existing models or purpose-built endurance racing prototypes. But for the new Vulcan track car, Aston is really going above and beyond its previous efforts. It is reported that the British carmaker has set up a new skunk works in Wellesbourne, not far from the company's main headquarters in Gaydon. It is here that the 24 units of the new track car will be built, and then dialed in for the track.

Aston Martin

The car will be built by a small team of engineers, hand picked for this specific task. And although we already know what the car will look like, we won't get to see it on the track or hear its 7.0-liter 800-horsepower V12 until June, when it will show up at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although there won't be very many Vulcans produced, the car will serve as a halo model for the marque, with a design that will be used as an inspiration for the next generation of Aston's road-going grand tourers. So if your calendar didn't already have June 13-14 marked off for Le Mans, maybe it will now.

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