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Aston Martin Wants £25,000 for a One-77-Inspired Bottle Cooler

Ideal gifts for supercar lovers with money to burn.

More exclusive than the car that inspired its design, this £25,200 limited-run bottle cooler is loosely based on the Aston Martin One-77. Where the supercar was limited to 77 units, Aston Martin will make just ten examples of this insanely expensive bottle cooler designed and handcrafted by Grant MacDonald’s expert silversmiths. Made from polished sterling silver and 24-carat gold plate, the bottle cooler comes with a carbon-fiber inner layer to keep the champagne ice cool.

Buyers may also want to consider purchasing the £3,050 wine glass from which to drink the bubbly nectar. It wears Aston Martin wings, after all. And if you’re really feeling flush, Aston offers a 1:17 scale model of the One-77 for a cool £58,300. Hand-finished in sterling silver and mounted on a rosewood and silver plinth, the stunning model comes complete with a numbered plaque detailing the unique limited edition number from 1 to 77.

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