Aston Martin Wants To Take Customers To The Race Track

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Get ready to enjoy your car's full potential.

Just because a person has enough money to go out and buy a sports car with a six-figure price tag, doesn't mean they know how to drive it properly. This is why we continuously see high high-dollar sports cars and supercars meet their untimely demise at the hands of inexperienced drivers. Some automakers have decided to circumvent these accidents by offering complementary track driving experiences to teach owners how to properly handle their vehicle.

Even though most Aston Martin vehicles are geared for road use rather than all-out track performance, owners have been clamoring for a track program and Aston is happy to oblige. Introducing the AMR Drivers' Club, a customer-focused driving academy which offers various levels of tuition.

Aston Martin

"Our customers have been inquiring about this type of program for a while now so we are delighted to be able to offer such a strong and structured package of experiences. From the customer who would like to know what his or her Aston Martin is capable of, from the manufacturer who designed and built their car, to those wishing to hone their track skills with future ambitions of racing, we have it covered," Sebastien Delmaire, Director of Aston Martin Partnerships, said.

The AMR Drivers' Club will come in three different pillars, the first of which is called the AMR Experience. This entry-level pillar starts with the 'Discovery' program, which offers one-to-one tuition from a dedicated Aston Martin instructor and an introduction to the brand and its products. The second level is called 'Performance," which adds a dedicated instructor to teach owners how to explore the capabilities of their own car.

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The second pillar is called the AMR Academy, which ranges from Level 1 to Level 3 with one and a half days of instruction per level. Once an owner completes Level 3, they can move on to the third pillar, the AMR GT Academy. This final pillar includes one-to-one instruction in a GT4 Aston Martin with a platform to help owners earn their racing license.

Aston says the programs will take place on nine racetracks around the world, many of which (including Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone) have hosted Formula 1 races. The packages range from £750 to £7,600 (around $980 to $9,900) and includes a car, hospitality, and accommodation.

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