Aston Martin Will Get Help From Mercedes To Stay Alive

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Its not like the British automaker has billions of electric car and SUV R & D money.

There's a bit of reshuffling going on at Aston Martin as the automaker attempts to make good on its ambitious plans to roll out an armada of refreshed vehicles including a few electric cars. The main issue with its goals is that EVs take large checks with many commas signed to R & D departments in order to complete, and Aston Martin may not be too keen on spending that kind of cash if it even had it in the first place. Instead, Automobile Magazine claims that it will find a tech partner to help it out.

Aston Martin

That will once again be Mercedes, which is already sending twin-turbo V8 engines from its AMG factories over to Aston Martin's Gaydon headquarters to be installed in its newest V8 cars. As a German auto giant, Mercedes is already well on its way to electrification, having invested $11 billion (that's right, with a B) into research and development of its EQ sub brand. Those hoping that the outgoing gas-powered four-door Rapide (only an electric version will remain) would be reincarnated as Lagonda-badged super sedans as promised may want to begin panicking. That's because Automobile Magazine claims that the million dollar Lagonda Taraf sedan will be going all-electric and will be based off of Mercedes' upcoming EQ-S.

It's unclear if that means gas-powered Lagonda models will never make it out of the womb, but if platforms are shared between multiple Lagonda-badged models, that could very well be the possibility. On the SUV side of things, Aston Martin is said to have knocked on Mercedes' door asking if it could borrow from the next-generation GLE, which will be built within US borders, for its DBX SUV. The exterior shell would be altered and the interior would be fitted with much more luxurious materials, but the power plant will remain a 525 horsepower twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 from Mercedes-AMG. Aston Martin will take over from there, tuning the suspension and engine in order to differentiate the car and get it to drive more like an Aston.

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