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Aston Martin Will Help Design Your Dream Car Garage

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Wealthy clients can now design their own luxury home just to show off their Aston Martin collection.

Aston Martin's bespoke Q division already offers customers a plethora of customization options to create their dream car, but the automaker has announced a new design service at Pebble Beach that takes car ownership to a new level. It's called Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs, and it allows customers to create unique storage spaces to show off their car collection, from bespoke garages to luxury retreats. Because you're going to need a suitably lavish space to show off your Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar.

Clients will not only work with the Aston Martin Design Team but also with renowned architects. To demonstrate its interior design prowess, the team has already created an exquisite interior for the 66-storey Aston Martin Residences in Miami and has also helped design Aston Martin's first global brand center, the House of Aston Martin Aoyama, in Tokyo along with the interiors of numerous Aston Martin dealership centers.

"Imagine a home or luxury retreat built around your car," said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman. "Picture creating the ultimate space to showcase your own automotive works of art. This is now achievable with this new offering. For the car enthusiast the garage is as important as the rest of the house and a bespoke auto gallery designed by Aston Martin that either focuses on showing off the car or is part of a larger, integrated entertainment space with simulators and such like, takes Aston Martin ownership to the next level."

Aston Martin can even design entire luxury homes or retreats specifically designed to show off your expensive car collections. For example, Aston Martin enlisted Obermoser arch-omo architecture to produce a design concept that could house the Aston Martin Valhalla and the iconic Aston Martin DB5 in an extravagant underground circular space while also providing entertainment areas for guests. It looks like the set of a James Bond movie.

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"Aston Martin has decades of expertise in staging cars in order to present them at their absolute best but also understands the importance of storage and maintenance of these living, breathing machines," said Aston Martin Partnerships Director, Sebastien Delmaire.

"Automotive Galleries can even be designed to fit the era if a customer has a heritage car. We are able to cover every requirement, whether it is to display single cars as pieces of automotive art or a full collection of cars in a private museum. These spaces provide an opportunity for people to create their own unique world where they can share their passion for cars with their guests. The opportunities are endless."