Aston Martin Will Sell You A House To Match Your DBX

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With an 'Auto Lounge' to admire your car collection.

Aston Martin, one of Britain's most beloved automakers, has been making some major moves in recent months, with production finally starting on the new Aston Martin DBX SUV. The company has even invested in a new racing simulator that costs more than most cars, so it is rather clear that the company is enjoying some level of success. So much so that it has even started dabbling in the property market, partnering with S3 Architecture to create a matching mansion for your new DBX, located a few hours outside of Manhattan. The property is part of the Sylvan Rock private residential estate which is located on a 55-acre wooded plot in Rhinebeck, New York, and was created in partnership with Aston Martin.

S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture

The design team behind this beautiful creation says that it sets "new standards for a rural retreat, blending craft, health and wellness, multi-functional 'pods' and sustainability with the true luxury of space, privacy, and self-contained living." So what makes this place so special? Well for starters it looks simply stunning with blackened cedar covering the exterior facade. From a side-view, the house creates a sense of natural openness through the extensive use of glass from floor to ceiling. The pad takes up 5,983 square feet and features a pool house, treehouse, and three guest houses.

S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture

Aston Martin hasn't forgotten about the car fans: this magnificent mansion includes a three-car garage dubbed the 'Auto Lounge', meaning you can sit in front of a warm fire and admire your collection of Astons. There's even an incredible 2,000-foot long driveway. That's long enough to host mini time attack races or fit an entire fleet of Aston Martins. To add to the appeal of the house, every piece of wood, leather, and metal has been crafted by Aston Martin to resemble the interior of some of its best-selling cars. Aston Martin is known for collaborating on upmarket items such as helicopters and speedboats, but this takes things to a whole new level. The cost of this house, you ask? A cool $7.7 million.

S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture S3 Architecture
Source Credits: S3 Architecture/Sylvan Rock

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