Aston Martin Will Show Off An Awesome New Camera System

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But when will you see it on your car?

With the automotive sector incorporating more and more technology into new vehicles, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has morphed into its own car convention. A few automakers have already teased their CES reveals and now Aston Martin is ready to show off a new piece of technology that was co-developed with the Michigan-based Gentex Corporation. The technology in question is a new camera monitoring system (CMS) that will be on display at Gentex's booth from January 7-10 in an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

We've seen camera systems like this before in cars like the Lexus ES and more recently on the Tesla Cybertruck but the United States has yet to approve them for road use. But unlike the examples we've seen before, this DBS doesn't ditch its traditional side-view mirrors, it simply supplements them with cameras.

Aston Martin/Gentex
Aston Martin/Gentex
Aston Martin/Gentex

"The solution that Aston Martin chose is a hybrid CMS technology, meaning that the vehicle incorporates both cameras and standard reflective mirrors for side vision," said Gentex Chief Technology Officer Neil Boehm. "We believe a hybrid solution is the most practical and comprehensive because it's engineered to meet automaker, driver, safety and global regulatory requirements."

This unique solution mounts small cameras into each side-view mirror and pairs them with a third camera positioned on the roof of the car. Those three camera views are then streamed together in the rear-view camera, giving the driver a complete image of what's behind them and on each side of the car.

Aston Martin/Gentex
Aston Martin/Gentex

Gentex says its system has been specifically engineered using different types of flat and curved glass and different video viewing modes to meet all regulatory field-of-view requirements around the world. The US, for example, requires vehicles to have old-school side mirrors, which can be called upon in situations such as inclement weather where the cameras may fail. This system even includes automatic adjustment for the camera when the driver adjusts the mirrors.

"As a global luxury brand, our vehicles combine benchmark beauty and quality with performance and driver-assistance features that evoke a sensory response," said Aston Martin Chief Marketing Officer Simon Sproule. "The goal of this development program with Gentex is to ultimately implement a unique CMS solution that enriches the Aston Martin driving experience for our customers around the world."

Front View Driving Aston Martin
Rear View Driving Aston Martin
2019-2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Central Console Aston Martin/Gentex

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