Aston Martin's First Electric Sports Car Arriving In 2025

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Watch out, Ferrari.

To say that the Aston Martin DBX is the British automaker's most important new model is an understatement. In the first quarter of this year, it made up 55 percent of Aston Martin's sales, increasing revenue by 150 percent. Aston Martin's return to Formula 1 is also giving the brand more presence outside the UK, but there is still a lot that needs to be done to revitalize the company after a difficult 2020. Speaking with Autocar, company boss Tobias Moers has outlined what the future holds for Aston Martin.

As part of a new expansion plan known as "Project Horizon," by the end of 2023 Aston Martin will launch "more than 10 cars," many of which will be electrified. These will include a series of plug-in hybrid and, yes, fully electric cars that will ride on a flexible skateboard-style architecture supporting different body styles.

Front View Driving Aston Martin Rear View Driving Aston Martin
Front View Driving
Rear View Driving

Aston Martin's first electric sports car will launch in 2025 - the same year Ferrari is planning to unleash its first-ever electric Prancing Horse. An electric version of the DBX is also expected to launch around the same time. As part of an ongoing technical partnership between Aston Martin and AMG, the mid-engine Valhalla and Vanquish will now use AMG-sourced hybrid powertrains instead of the V6 that powered the concepts presented in 2019. "Both will now look different but cool still and better," Moers said.

Aston Martin's product expansion will start with the launch of the highly-anticipated Valkyrie hypercar in the second half of this year including a road and track variant. A third variant will launch in 2022 and is expected to be a convertible.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

A mild-hybrid version of the DBX will also launch in September with a straight-six engine, followed by a more powerful V8 variant in April 2022 that will take on the Lamborghini Urus. We can also look forward to more variants of the DB11 and Vantage following the launch of the track-focused Vantage F1 Edition earlier this year. Within the next 18 months, the DB11, Vantage, and DBS Superleggera will get a facelift with new infotainment tech and "so many other new things."

Reflecting on Aston Martin's plan to relaunch Lagonda as a luxury sub-brand rivaling Rolls-Royce, Moers admits this strategy was "plain wrong" and "dilutes from the main brand." Instead, Aston Martin will launch more luxurious Lagonda versions of existing models, mirroring what Mercedes has done with Maybach.

2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Front View Driving Aston Martin 2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Rear View Driving Aston Martin
2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Front View Driving
2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Rear View Driving
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2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Rear View Driving 2023 Aston Martin Valhalla Front View Driving

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