Aston Martins Recalled Because Some Models Could Fry Your Ass

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Seriously. The seats could actually smolder.

Automotive recalls happen all the time. Sometimes they are serious. Sometimes the reasons will make you chuckle. Such as this one. Aston Martin has just announced a recall due to a faulty electronic module for the front seat heaters on specific vehicles. The problem is it may not always turn off, thereby potentially causing one's ass to get burned. A total of 7,256 AMs are affected, including the 2006-2014 model years of the DB9, V12 Vantage, V8 Vantage, DBS, and Virage.

The latest build date for these affected models was only this past November. The British automaker is claiming that if the seat heaters are unable to shut off, areas of the seat will get very hot and overheat. There's even the possibility the seats will get smoldering hot, which would definitely cause injury to the occupier. The solution is for dealers to install an additional electronic module that'll be able to interrupt power to the seat heaters just in case the defective module fails. Obviously all owners will be notified and the fix will be free of charge. It's only their asses on the line here.

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