Aston to Produce Shooting Brake?

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Bertone's Rapide-based Jet 2+2 could see production with factory approval from Aston Martin itself.

Aston Martin has a long history with shooting brakes. A handful of wagon conversions were performed by independent coachbuilders on the DB5, DB6, Virage, Vantage and Vanquish. But while Aston itself was unveiling the new Rapide S in Geneva a few months ago, across the hall Bertone pulled the veil off its Jet 2+2. A one-off based on the outgoing four-door Rapide, the Bertone Jet 2+2 has apparently garnered enough public attention for Aston to consider putting it into production, however limited.

The shooting brake would be based on the Rapide S, but there are apparently still more questions than answers being batted around Gaydon. For one, it could be produced in-house or farmed out to Bertone. The Rapide was previously built for by Magna Steyr before production was brought home. If fewer than ten examples were to be made with Aston's blessing, Bertone could get the contract, but more than that could see Aston handle production itself. Another matter is the name: The Jet is a longstanding series for Bertone, but Aston could opt to call it the Rapide Shooting Brake instead. One way or another, expect a high price tag.

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