Astons Feature in "Grid 2"

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The latest racing game from Codemasters has plenty of Aston Martin action built right in.

Gamers take to racing simulators to drive the cars they wouldn't otherwise get to drive – six- and seven-figure supercars, many of which come from Europe's long-established automakers. Like Aston Martin, for example. If Gaydon's finest are your cup of tea but outside your budget – or even if you own one but want to drive in a safer virtual environment – then Codemasters has some good news for you. Their latest racing game, Grid 2, was just released last week, and features an enticing array of vehicles. Among them are not an insignificant choice of Aston Martins.

As you can see from this video clip, Grid 2 includes the very pinnacle of Aston's contemporary product portfolio, including the gorgeously rebodied V12 Zagato, the million-dollar One-77 hypercar and the latest flagship Vanquish. Check 'em out in virtual form in the video below:

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