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At Least Someone Has the Balls to Make a Good-Looking Subie

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Subaru won't build the WRX Concept, but this guy will.

We haven't been shy in criticizing Subaru for its failure to build a production car as good-looking as its many concepts. It's an outright shame. Just look at the WRX Concept, for example, and look at the production-spec WRX and WRX STI. Not to say the latter two are terrible, just disappointing in comparison. There are others out there feeling exactly the same way about this issue, and fortunately one guy is doing something about it.

UK-based designer Michael Bond has announced plans to take a stock 2015 Subaru WRX STI and modify it to look like the WRX Concept, calling his version the Concept 13. According to Autoblog, a direct replica of the concept can't be done due to infringement on Subaru's intellectual property. What Bond will do instead is make the best recreation possible. Specific plans include a redesigned rear diffuser for increased downforce, and redesigned front end. No doubt it'll need quite a lot of bodywork to make this happen, and yes, Bond will be taking orders.

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He'll need at least 50 confirmed buyers in order to get things rolling, but it'll still be close to six months before the first car is completed. Pricing hasn't been announced, but at least someone out there is doing what Subaru refuses, and that's called good design.