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At Least They Didn’t Catch Fire: Ferrari Issues a Recall

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Ferrari isn't taking any chances this time around.

Ferrari had a little problem a couple of years back when the 458 Italia first began to arrive in showrooms. Several of the mid-engined supercars caught on fire because an adhesive that was used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender began to ignite due to high temperatures. This then led to a fire in the engine bay. It was quite an embarrassing debacle for the exclusive Italian automaker and they must have learned more than just a few engineering lessons from the crisis.

Now a new report states that Ferrari has issued yet another recall regarding the V8s found in both the 458 (a 4.5-liter) and the California (4.3-liter). Fortunately, the problem is with only 206 engines out of a total of 13,000 that were produced with a miscalibrated crankshaft. Owners of those cars will soon be receiving letters inviting them to come to their local Ferrari dealership to have the crankshaft replaced at no cost. There haven't been any reported incidents regarding any of these affected cars, but it's clear that Ferrari wasn't taking any chances this time around.

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