At Least Your Kid Can Look Boss in a Shelby Cobra 427

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Most of us will never be able to afford a Cobra 427, but we can put our kids in their own kick ass version of one.

The iconic Shelby Cobra 427 is a car most of us will never have the luxury of owning. They can fetch up to a million dollars or more at auction. The good news is that Carroll Shelby Licensing announced this week they are releasing a kid sized, 12V electric version of the iconic sports car. There will be a red and blue version that will include the famous Cobra racing stripes. Additionally it will feature chrome wheels, side exhaust pipes, rear fender gas cap, the 427s famed roll bar and includes official badging.

The kids car will have 3 gears and top out at 5 mph. It will hold only the smallest of bad asses weighing up to 65 pounds and is good for 45 minutes of looking cool on a single charge. With the growing popularity of the Shelby brand, we wanted to give the youngest fans a 'license to thrill' in their own Cobra. Hopefully, 'my first Shelby' will create a lifelong connection to the brand" said Tracey Smith, Carroll Shelby Licensing president. The kiddie Cobra will be available for purchase starting in late October at Costco and online retailers. No pricing is available at this time.

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