Atlanta Sports Tourer Revived After 75 Years

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Morgan isn't the only game in town anymore sporting classic 1930s British automotive styling.

On March 5, 1937, Neil Watson displayed his British-built Atlanta sports car to the public for the first time. Yes, it did resemble a Morgan, but only the latter has lived on through the decades. But now, some 75 years later, motoring enthusiast Martyn Corfield and auto restorer Trevor Farrington are teaming up to bring a limited number of reborn Atlanta Sports Tourers back to market. Obviously, the duo will be utilizing a number of modern technologies in order to enhance performance and safety.

And of course they will be sticking with the classic 1930s English sports car styling. The official press release claims that 85 percent of the components, such as various castings, axles, and the steering system, are unique to the car. For tradition's sake, a hand-crafted aluminum over ash coachbuild structure is also a part of the reborn classic car, which its creators claim is about "style, innovation, and performance." They also proudly claim that it has solid performance for a car of its type. However, no word has been announced regarding the powertrain.

Orders are now being taken for the custom-built Sports Tourer and each customer will be able to specify their car to their own personal preferences. Not surprisingly, no base price has been announced, but it certainly won't be cheap.

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