ATS Owner Launches Gregis Automobili, $160k Miranda Roadster to be Flagship Model

Roadster will be unveiled in 2015 alongside $18,500 kit car.

Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Gregis revived the Automobili Turismo e Sport brand in 2012, launching a range of track cars under the ATS moniker. After moving operations to the Canary Islands, Gregis has been working on new sports car designs, and has just announced these will be launched under the name Gregis Automobili. Two models will arrive in 2015 to launch the new eponymous Gregis brand.

The first will be a variant of the Leggera sports car originally slated to get the ATS nameplate, and the other an all-new model called the Miranda Roadster. Priced from just 14,950 Euros, the Leggera will be a lightweight sports car packing a four-cylinder engine offered either as a kit or complete car. The Miranda Roadster will be aimed at the other end of the market, with a price tag closer to $160,000. Inspired by classic Italian convertibles, the Miranda Roadster is now in the prototype stage of development. When complete, it will have a curb weight of less than 2,500 pounds and a V8 or V12 powerplant delivering around 500 horsepower, with 0-62 mph coming in at 3.5 seconds.

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