Attention Earth: Meet The All-American 2015 Ford Mustang


Exports of the new Mustang have begun.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is unlike any of its predecessors in that it was designed to be a world sports car. Ford will sell it in more than 100 markets in both left- and right-hand-drive configurations. And now, for the first time in the car's 50 year history, Mustang exports have begun. The first shipments are headed to Asia and will land in Europe by midyear. In fact, Europeans can place their orders at this very moment for both the coupe and convertible.

In order to ensure that global distribution runs effectively, 100 jobs have been created at the Port of Portland where Mustangs begin their global journey. In anticipation of high Mustang demand in the US and the rest of the world, Ford's Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan has approximately 3,000 employees working two shifts at full capacity. World, you'll soon fully understand why America has loved this car for half a century.


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