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Attention Hoonigans: This Is How To Cause Off-Road Mayhem

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Watch the latest addition to the Hoonigan garage get shaken down in Moab.

The F-150 Raptor is about as hoonable a machine as Ford has ever made. Just the kind of truck, in short, in which a Ken Block type would feel right at home. But Ken Block is not just a "Ken Block type." He's Ken Block, the HHIC: Head Hoonigan In Charge. So while he's shown a penchant for Raptors, the latest addition to his stable is anything but stock.

Rather than build it in house (or drive it straight off the lot) Block and his team at the Hoonigan Racing Division had this Raptor extensively modified by SVC Offroad.

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It's the same outfit that did much of the work on Block's Raptortrax, but this one rolls on giant off-road tires and is still completely street legal, despite all the upgrades. The suspension, lighting, livery... everything is unique to this truck and built to off-road hooning specification.

Though it may seem like the least interesting bit, the auxiliary lighting is actually one of the most impressive elements. It's not only adaptable for color, but is GPS-enabled to vary its beam and intensity with the vehicle's speed. And the livery, though relatively low-key and matte, is actually reflective, which is a pretty neat trick.

Block's actually had the truck sitting in his garage in Park City, Utah since Christmas. But this is the first time he's actually gotten to drive it, taking it on the four-hour drive south to the off-road playground that is Moab – and he's taken us along for the ride. So we'll let Ken and his trusty sidekick Forest do the rest of the talking, and let you enjoy the 16-minute video for yourself.