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Attention Tesla: Ford Is Aiming Its Guns Right At You

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The first strikes will happen soon enough.

Depending on how you view it, and like most major automakers, Ford is either late to the battery EV party or has been patiently biding its time to figure out if and when the segment is actually worth breaking into. It's a small segment, but it is growing, and Ford is starting to commit. Its opening gambit is with the upcoming Ford Mustang-based electric crossover and an all-electric version of the F-150 pickup truck. Now, according to unnamed sources cited by Automotive News Canada , Ford is planning two midsize battery-electric crossovers to fly under Ford and Lincoln flags.

Automotive News claims three sources with knowledge of Ford's plans and that the vehicles, code-named CDX746 and CDX747, were originally scheduled to be produced in Cuautitlan, Mexico. However, they are now reportedly scheduled to be built at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan instead. The sources say that the planned vehicles are similar in size to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus, but will be built on the Ford's own battery-electric platform for the 2023 model year. This could spell the end for the Lincoln Continental in the US as Flat Rock is where it is currently being built, and the sedan's sales have been slow.

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According to the sources, the Continental's production is slated to end there in 2021 but continue to be built in China. Considering the tariff situation and then Lincoln having to try and sell Chinese-made Lincolns to Americans, we don't expect it to be on dealer lots by 2022.

The new models add up to five in total so far of the sixteen battery EVs Ford said in 2018 that it would be building globally by 2022: the Mustang-inspired crossover, the electric F-150, the co-development project with Rivian (which will likely be a full-size crossover), and these two mid-size crossovers.