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If there's any one automaker out there that's not afraid to be daring, then it's Honda.

In a perfect world, the much-loved and now sadly deceased S2000 would be rereleased, and at least one of these atypical Honda concepts would go from concept to reality. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, which means that all of these concepts will likely sit on the shelf forever. These designs aren't exactly logical, but they're fun and filled with character. If you thought the Accord Crosstour was crazy, then you're going to love all of these atypical Honda concepts.

Design student Michael Mcgee has created his version of a futuristic S2000. Mcgee's design was created for a competition sponsored by Honda. The competition challenged students to design an S2000 for the year 2020. Mcgee's design focuses heavily on plastics, with its unique look coming from R/C cars. S2000 diehards: approve or disapprove?

Guangzhou Honda pulled a stunner at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show when they pulled the wraps off of the Linian roadster. The Linian roadster is everything a good concept car should be. It has a futuristic, yet semi-realistic design, it has crazy features (ridiculous steering wheel) and it leaves you wanting more.

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Nikita Kalinin's Honda X-Track is designed for both the street and the track. This hybrid concept features a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system to recapture energy lost during breaking. The KERS system is great and all, but the real draw of the X-Track is its removable body panels. The X-Track's body panels and headlamps can be removed, ensuring that that the car has an extra edge during time trials.

The Honda Kaze is the epitome of an eco-friendly car. The Kaze's windshield is filled with transparent solar panels, its roof is fitted with a sail and it has a kite that deploys in case you need more wind power. The Kaze is too green to ever see the light of day, but it's still an awesome design study.

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