Atypical Limo Designs


Tired of that Lincoln Town Car limo? Check out these more upscale options.

These limousines go against the grain in terms of speed and style. There's a really, really good chance that you'll never be able to rent out the Ferrari of Maybach limousine for your high school prom. While this news may be heartbreaking, it isn't the end of the world. You may never be able to afford a ride in one of these awesome atypical limos, but you can always check them out for free here. They certainly beat the standard Lincoln Town Car limo in both style and personality.

The Maybach 72 is a six-seat limousine designed using the Maybach 62's body. The Maybach 72 measures 10 decimeters longer than the 62 (hence the original name) and features two rear-facing seats and a price tag of $780,000, double the worth of the 62. Looks like size really does matter.

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Eco-conscious big shots can finally roll around town with a green conscience thanks to the Nissan Leaf Limousine. The Leaf Limo was designed by Imperial Coach Builders of Missouri, a subsidiary of the Electric Car Company (ECC). The new Leaf will be 48 inches longer than the current one and seat 6 as opposed to four.

If you are looking to burn some serious rubber during your trip to and from prom, then I suggest attempting to rent the Ferrari limo. This limo was built using a Ferrari 360 Modena that was chopped in half and stretched 9.5ft. This Ferrari limo has hydraulic gullwing doors, seats eight and can do 0 to 60 in less than six seconds with a max speed of 166 mph.

The MINI XXL is the stuff that MINI fans dream of. The MINI XXL measures nearly 20 feet long and combines limousine essentials such as a retractable flat screen TV and hot tub with the charm of the MINI Cooper S. MINI fans, you can thank me later.