Atypical Mini Cooper Creations

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Mini Coopers are not only popular, they are constantly the focus of many artists' creative visions.

From rock star-branded cars to 2012 Olympic autos. The Mini Cooper is the automotive embodiment of the word "fun" with its small size, tight handling and quick pick-up. Perhaps the only thing that could make this car even more fun would be if it were designed to look like the members of KISS or a Louis Vuitton handbag. If you are interested in seeing what a car covered in gold emblems or white makeup would look like then continue reading on.

Sports fans are going to love the Mini Cooper 2012 London Olympics. This sporting Mini is decked out in British symbols and was designed to commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics. The exterior features a Union Jack stripe running from back to front while the roof proudly displays the game's logo. The leather interior features seats embroidered with the game's logo with the headrest ringed with the Union Jack.

It may be chauvinistic to assume that women will love the FS Monogramed Mini Cooper from German customizers CoverEFX. This one-of-a-kind ride has the look of black leather Louis Vuitton handbag and features thousands of gold emblems glued to the car by hand. Don't let Mini Cooper's pretty looks fool you; this bad boy can still tear up the track thanks to its modified 252-hp engine.

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Matt W. Moore is an illustrator who used his considerable talents to design perhaps the most trippy and artistic Mini ever. Moore has given the Mini Cooper S Convertible a modern makeover by covering it with bright and color-popped shapes. When is automotive art ever not awesome?

If you thought a car designed to look like the members of KISS would look ridiculous, then think again. Mini recently teamed up with the band to design four amazing cars; each bearing the likeness of one of the band's members. These killer rock cars were all signed by the band and were auctioned off with proceeds going towards UNICEF's Japan earthquake relief efforts.

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