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Unique premium hatchback spotted at Ducati headquarters in Italy.

The Volkswagen Group has been going on a bit of an Italian bender these past few years. It has bought Lamborghini, Bugatti (which it brought back from Italy to its historic home in Alsace), ItalDesign-Giugiaro, the Nardo test track in southern Italy (through its Porsche division) and has had its eye on Alfa Romeo for some time. But its most recently acquisition was Ducati. In the intricate web of corporate governance, Ducati officially belongs to Audi, which has apparently celebrated with this special edition A1.

Based on the five-door A1 Sportback, this Ducati edition features a red and white livery with tricolore stripes, the Ducati logo on the hood and red and white alloys, mimicking the color scheme championed by the celebrated Italian motorcycle manufacturer. The unique hatchback was spotted at the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, Italy. There's no telling if Audi plans on offering the A1 Ducati as a special edition to the public, but it looks to us like an official collaboration.

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