Audi A1 Finally Gets Quattro

Sales of the Audi A1 have been good so far, but it still lags far behind the MINI, its primary competitor. Audi wants the A1 to overtake the MINI in sales by 2015, but it has been unclear exactly how they planned to do this until now. Audi has now announced that the A1 will be getting Quattro all-wheel-drive. The setup will be the same as the TT and A3, where power is sent mostly to the front wheels most of the time.

Power is sent to the back wheels when the front wheels start to slip via an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch. The Quattro option should help A1 sales by itself, but some of the more keen-eyed Audi geeks will have picked up on what else this means. With the A1 being offered with Quattro, it is now possible for Audi to bring out S or RS variants, which will be sure to give the MINI Cooper S a run for its money.

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