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Audi A1 Prototype Spied: New S1 Supermini in the Works?

Or is Audi planning a hot-hatch that matches the performance of the A1 Quattro?

These spy shots show that Audi is working on a new pocket rocket variant of the A1 super mini. Wearing the quad exhaust pipes usually found on S-Models indicates a model to slot in just under the 252hp A1 Quattro could be on the agenda. Perhaps this is why Audi held back the S1 nomenclature when releasing the limited edition A1 Quattro. Alternatively, Audi has decided that as the A1 Quattro was limited to just 333 units, a car with equal performance but with a less extreme body kit could appeal to buyers.

The heavily disguised wheels could be similar to the A1 Quattro's center-locking 18-inch wheels that mimic the original 80s-era Quattro. Our spy photographers confirm the prototype was powered by a gasoline engine, most likely a version of the 2.0-liter TFSI that delivers around 220-250hp powering all four wheels via Audis Quattro system.

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