Special Edition

Audi A1 Thinks its an R18

Audi attempts to bridge the gap between its smallest car and its most ferocious with a uniquely kitted-out hatchback at Worthersee.

Audi makes a wide variety of cars, but short of maybe throwing some SUVs into the mix, you’d struggle to find more polar opposites rolling out of any Audi factory than the A1 and the R18. The former is a European-market premium hatchback akin to a Mini, and the latter is a Le Mans-winning diesel-hybrid race car. But Audi is attempting to bridge that gap at Worthersee with this special A1 outfitted with what the company is calling a “competition kit”. Despite the name, though, the kit doesn't actually bring the A1 up to racing spec.

It’s simply inspired by the R18 E-Tron Quattro that is competing at Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship this year. Made up of parts from the Audi Genuine Accessories catalog, the special A1 has new spoilers front and rear, two-tone alloys and red and gray accents derived from the R18’s race livery, as well as a retrimmed interior. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the number 378 that’s emblazoned all over the car signifies, well, Audi hasn’t said, but the R18 won Le Mans last year after lapping the Circuit La Sarthe a total of 378 times.

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