Audi A2 Electric Concept Rendered for Frankfurt


Audi is going electric with its A2 concept set to debut later this month.

Audi is joining the electric bandwagon with their A2 concept which will debut in Germany in a few weeks. The hatchback concept is a compact little four-seater with some edgy design lines. The A2 features some serious high-tech gadgetry, including a transparency-changing roof at the push of a button. They have also included their brand new LED tech, known in the Audi slang as the 'Matrix Beam.' Funny, I thought that was copyrighted.

Anyhow, the super-efficient LED lights run in the daytime as well and generate a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light. The interior also packs some LED lights for aesthetic value. The steering wheel features a touch screen system that allows the driver to have total control over the car's important features. Audi has released some renderings and images of the interior and exterior of their new hatchback, however the Germans remain especially coy on what will sit under the hood. What we do know is that the concept will be fully-electric or possibly feature a small range extender.

The automakers from Ingolstadt are going to make us wait until the A2 concept makes its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show to learn more about the futuristic and tech-filled hatch.

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