Audi A3 2.0 TSI Will Battle it Out With... The A4!?

With an MSRP of just $900 below its big brother, how will Audi promote the downgrade?

Due to expand the A3 family in 2014, Audi will be bringingseveral new models to this already bustling category. With the addition of theA3 Cabriolet, the A3 TDI clean Diesel, the S3 Sedan and the gasoline electrichybrid A3 e-tron, Audi seems pretty confident about the appeal of this compactoffering. But with the 2.0 TSI’s pricing announced, eyebrows shot up discovering that the model will be priced just $900 below the similarly aspirated A4.

What will the 3 offer for this price that the roomier,better-known 4 cannot? For starters, the A3 TSI will come standard withall-wheel drive, while the 4 will be a front-wheel. Adding the Quattro option tothe A4 adds $2,100. Also, the 3 will be offered with standard leather seats,infotainment system, panorama sunroof, xenon headlights and the S Tronictransmission. Audi will also offer an A3 1.8 TFSI for a $3,000 dollar discount(priced to directly rival the Mercedes CLA 250), and will later roll out additionalmodels, including the too-cute A3 Cabriolet.

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