Audi A4 Hybrid Wagon Spotted With Full Glass Roof

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Those may even be solar panels for the hybrid system.

It appears Audi is working on an A4 Avant (wagon in Audi-speak) hybrid. New photos from our spies show the upcoming hybrid Audi A4 wagon testing in the snow. Funnily enough, this is the exact same stretch of road the updated 911 GT3 Touring was spotted on a while back.

Speaking of updates, we spotted this updated A4 nearly a year ago during winter testing. This car appears to be the hybrid A4, and while we likely won't see the Avant here in the States (though one can hope; we got the RS6 Avant, after all), we most certainly will see hybrid A4s soon.

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Our spies snapped two prototypes, with one sporting a charger port near the rear wheel and another with the required high-voltage sticker for first responders. These are fitted to hybrid or electric test cars like the Corvette E-Ray to notify first responders should there be an accident.

Notably, the two cars feature a glass roof. Our spies point out these may even be solar cells for the car's hybrid systems, though we haven't heard of Audi working on any such tech. Each car is also wearing its own unique set of wheels, giving us a glimpse at what may be offered by the time the hybrid A4 goes on sale.

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As for power levels, things are relatively muddy. It is suspected that Audi will offer a few powertrain options across the A4 lineup, ending with something just below the S4, which is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 producing 349 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. We suspect this will be a sort of "S-Line" version based on Audi's existing S-Line trim level.

Finally, the rear lights for these A4 prototypes are not finalized. They appear to be placeholders, and we imagine Audi will eventually update them with the units we'll see when the car arrives. As far as debuts go, we can't be sure when Audi will launch the A4 hybrid, though late 2023 coincides with the 3 Series' next update.

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