Audi A4 Owner Busts Dealership Mechanics For 300-Mile Road Trip


The case isn't closed yet but things aren't looking good for Audi San Diego.

Mechanics caught acting naughty with customer cars is unfortunately nothing new. Remember the guys who took a Ford Focus ST out for a 118-mph joyride? Or the Taco Bell employee who dropped off his Nissan 350Z for service only to find it in his drive-thru later that day? This story isn't as strange as that but it still sounds pretty crappy. A Reddit user dropped his 2013 Audi A4 off for service at Audi of San Diego and when he got it back there had been 288 miles put on it.

The story starts on a Wednesday (February 26th) when the car was dropped off for service. After some miscommunication with the dealership about the car's issues-the service techs mixed up vehicles-the A4 was finally delivered back to its owners on Friday. Mind you this was supposed to be a one-day service. The checkout miles on the invoice were listed as 30,146 but the mileage on the odometer read 30,434. That's 288 miles unaccounted for. The copies of the service documents uploaded to Reddit by the original poster all show either 30,143 or 30,146 miles. He backs this up by claiming to have run the car on KBB before taking it in for service. So what happened? The dealership's GM said the tech made an error...twice.

The GM then offered to show the A4 owner security camera footage to prove that the car hadn't been moved. When the poster took him up on his offer he never heard back. Since then nothing has happened despite the fact that the poster has contacted Audi of America (corporate) as well. Apparently the Audi corporate arm couldn't help as it didn't own the dealership. There are two sides to every story, of course, but right now Audi of San Diego isn't looking so hot. Local news stations have inquired about the story-it was posted to r/audi and r/sandiego-so we should have an update on what's what sooner than later. Note that the A4s photos here are not of the car in question, save for the one showing the mileage.

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