Audi A5 Gets a New Rival in Kia's New Coupe

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Kia is expanding with three new models in the works. The first to debut will be an Audi A5-style coupe concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Kia is taking their rapid expansion to a new level, revealing plans to launch a new Audi A5-style coupe concept (possibly V6 or V8 with an eight-cylinder) at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. This will be Kia's first step in their sequence of 'image' car concepts at upcoming major shows, including Detroit and Geneva 2012. The success of Kia's "everyman" sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs has inspired them to expand even further.

Sales of the aforementioned vehicles have doubled over the past few years leading to total sales of roughly 2.5 million units. "We have made good progress recently, but it is now important for us to improve our brand power. Concepts like these will help a lot with that. But we are prepared to take our time. We will test plenty of ideas before we make any decisions about production," said Hank Lee, Kia's vice chairman and CEO. The new concepts will be created at Kia's design studios in Frankfurt, Seoul, and California.

The prospective models will include a rear-wheel-drive coupe similar to the Hyundai Genesis, a drop-top version of Kia's Soul and a small front-wheel-drive roadster which will be based on Cee'd mechanicals. The coupe is even more intriguing with Kia's head of design Peter Schreyer, formerly of Audi, leading the project.

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