Audi A8 Transformed Into Stunning W12-Powered Wagon


Italian coachbuilder has wild plans for the executive sedan.

You may not have heard of Castagna Milano, it's not the largest nor the most prolific of tuners in the world. But having been founded in Milan, Italy way back in 1849, the company has been around since before there were cars, or even paved roads.

So, it clearly has a lot of experience in producing custom bodies and one-off builds for a vast range of vehicles, most recently turning the Fiat 500 into various funky designs. Its latest project has just been revealed on social media and this time the focus is the Audi Allroad.

Taking the previous-generation Audi A8 sedan in facelifted form as a base, they have given it the full Allroad treatment which means a wagon body style, raised suspension, more pronounced wheel arches, aluminum accents on the side sills as well as under the front and rear bumpers.

According to Castagna Milano, the entire vehicle will be made from aluminum, not entirely unexpected seeing as every A8 since the very first model has always been made this way although the roof extension may be constructed out of carbon fiber.

The bit that excites us the most on these renderings is the W12 inscription on the trunk lid. Even in its standard form, the 6.3-liter 12-cylinder motor makes 493 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque, making it a significant step up from the A4 Allroad currently on sale which makes do with 248 hp from its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine.


While this may just be a rendering of a concept in its earliest stages, the idea of mating the practical Allroad body style to a larger body shell and adding way more power is sure to appeal to a lot of people wanting the off-road ability of your average SUV combined with the straight-line performance of a proper sports car.

We would definitely pick one of these over the myriad high-riding SUVs and 'sporty' crossovers that have practically sealed the fate of the venerable old wagon. We hope to receive more details of this project in the near future, now all we need to do to make it a reality is convince Americans to start buying wagons again.


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