Audi And Porsche Face Serious New Threat From BMW

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It was only a matter of time.

Although BMW may be a bit late to the all-electric vehicle segment compared to its German rivals Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, it will soon make up for the lost time. Next year, the BMW iX3, an electrified version of the highly popular X3 will debut, and the Tesla Model 3-rivaling i4 isn't far behind. Nor is the iNext SUV, which will compete directly against the Model X, Audi e-tron, and Mercedes EQC. But there is one vehicle missing from this equation, a Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT fighter.

According to, BMW's response will arrive in 2024 by way of the i6. This all-electric sports sedan is being developed to compete directly against the Taycan and upcoming e-tron GT, as well as the Mercedes EQS. In fact, BMW already gave the world a preview of the i6 back in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept, pictured here.


We can now see how far ahead BMW was thinking with this concept over two years ago by way of the large grille, a styling trait coming to the next-generation 4 Series. The i Vision Dynamics concept's exterior styling actually doesn't look too far-fetched; its overall design should transfer fairly easily to a production vehicle. Styling cues directly from the 8 Series will also supposedly be incorporated into this all-electric four-door coupe.

It's still too early to know the BMW i6's full specifications, but the report claims the base version will be powered by two electric motors, one with 201 horsepower and the second with 335 hp. In other words, we're potentially going to have a 536 hp all-wheel-drive entry-level version to look forward to. No complaints there.

Front View Driving Porsche/Delia Baum
Rear Angle View Porsche/Delia Baum
Rear View Driving Porsche/Delia Baum

As expected, a higher powered i6 is also likely to happen. Again, these are very preliminary figures, but the i6 M Performance (for lack of a better name at this time) would continue with two electric motors, though both would produce 335 hp – pitting it firmly in Taycan Turbo territory. Like all electric vehicles, batteries are key. The i6 could have two options: a 90 kWh battery with about 348 miles of range, and a 120 kWh pack that increase range to 435 miles.

It's fair to assume these range figures are based on the new WLTP cycle. BMW has yet to confirm any of the above information, but given its fellow German competitors, both current and upcoming, it makes complete sense for BMW to follow in hot pursuit.

2021 Audi e-tron GT Front Angle View Audi
2021 Audi e-tron GT Side View Audi
2021 Audi e-tron GT Rear Angle View Audi

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