Audi Cancels A2 Production Plans


Another one bits the dust as Audi reportedly cancels plans to bring its A2 concept to production in light of slowing global interest in EVs.

There was a time when Audi had big plans for an EV future. However, industrial trends as well as consumer interest have begun to shift away from electrified cars for a number of reasons. With this new reality in mind, Audi sources have recently told Autocar that plans to bring its A2 electric car concept to production have been called off. This is a somewhat surprising move mainly because the automaker made a big deal about the concept's potential as a production car when it was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

It was a quite a technological advancement not only in terms of its transversely-mounted, 114-horsepower electric motor, but also because of its aluminum spaceframe construction and lightweight carbon-fiber components. All told, Audi claimed it had a 125-mile range after a four-hour battery recharge time. Audi's decision comes in the aftermath of disappointing sales of the Nissan Leaf. Instead of the projected 20,000-unit sales for 2012, only 6,791 rolled off dealership lots. If Audi proceeded with the A2 it would have been a direct competitor to BMW's upcoming i3 EV.

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