Audi Comes In As #1 Brand For The Unfaithful

We don't know why, but cheaters seem to love German cars.

Audi has managed to earn itself quite a reputation in the UK. While many people formerly believed that BMW owners were the most obnoxious drivers on the roads (a view still popular in the US), Audi is fast taking over as the preferred brand for jerks. Well, prepare to not have that view challenged when you learn that the UK dating site Illicit Encounters, which caters to married people who cheat, has revealed that a massive 22.21 percent of their users drive Audis.

That puts Audi in first place for the first time, with a commanding lead over the former long-time #1, BMW (duh). Third place went to Mercedes and fourth to Volkswagen. This is by no means the most empirical evidence in existence, but it does suggest that those who cheat on their spouses also love German cars. We won’t pretend to understand the psychology here, besides, we’ve got to get the A4 down to the carwash and then delete some emails.

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