2014 LA Auto Show

Audi Confirms it Hasn't Given Up Yet on a Reborn Quattro

Good things will happen to those who are patient.

We haven’t heard much lately in regards to Audi doing a modern day version of its iconic Quattro. If you recall, the German automaker first revealed a reborn Quattro concept back in 2010 (the white car). Overall response was excellent but nothing seemed to come from it. Then in 2013, a second Quattro concept appeared. Both had similar exterior styling, but they differed in terms of powertrain. The 2010 concept featured a 2.5-liter five-cylinder that produced 408 horsepower.

The 2013 car came with a twin-turbo V8 paired to a hybrid system for a combined output of 700 hp. So what’s happening now? Autocar managed to get some inside information from none other than Audi’s new design director, Marc Lichte, at this year’s LA Auto Show. According to Lichte, a reborn Quattro "is still alive" and that a future version could even be more extreme than the two previous concepts. “The two concepts we did had base potential but we can do something more extreme,” stated Lichte. "We have restarted this project and made them more extreme. It’s still a secret though…there will be surprises." And we have plenty of patience. Just do this car right.

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