Audi Confirms New TT Variant is Coming

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We hope it'll be a shooting brake. It'll likely end up a crossover.

Over the past several months, Audi has strongly hinted numerous times it has plans to expand the TT lineup beyond the familiar coupe and roadster. With the latter set to make its debut next month at Paris, the automaker is officially working on a third TT variant. So what will it be? Audi isn't saying, but wagon/shooting brake fans are hoping for the best. They should really expect the worst. More than likely, that third variant will be a compact SUV/crossover, first previewed by the TT Offroad Concept at Beijing last April.

Think of it as Audi's BMW X4 fighter. So why a crossover (other than to stay competitive with BMW)? Basically, people just like to sit higher in cars today. It's all a part of that crossover phenomenon. Just look at the Mini Countryman as another example. The new TT's platform was designed from the get-go to be flexible, and a new small crossover isn't at all difficult to engineer. No word yet when this new TT variant will debut, but a decent guess would be sometime in 2017.

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