Audi Crosslane Could See Production as Q2

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Did you like the Audi Crosslane concept? You may be able to buy it soon, only with a different name.

German automakers may have been among the last to jump on the crossover/SUV bandwagon, but that doesn't mean it hasn't embraced the high-riders since. Mercedes has a full range of off-roaders, BMW has spun the success of the X5 into the X1, X3 and X6, Volkswagen has followed up on the Touareg with the smaller Tiguan, even Porsche has made a go of the Cayenne and is readying a smaller version as well. But don't count Audi out of the equation, either. What it reluctantly debuted as the Q7 has since led to a Q5 and Q3, but word has it that a smaller Q2 is on its way.

The reports are spurred by the debuted of the sharp new Crosslane crossover concept this week at the Paris Motor Show. While Audi only said that the half-convertible two-door crossover concept previewed a new design direction for its next generation of crossovers SUVs, sources indicate that the Crosslane could make it to production in a more direct sense. If and when the Crosslane does hit the production line and on to dealerships, it would likely be called the Q2 and bring the coupe-like form popularized by the more expensive BMW X6 to a more accessible price-point.

While the Crosslane features a plug-in hybrid powertrain, we'd expect a full range of conventional engines to be available as well. Whether the innovative cargo bay and opening roof system make it to showrooms as well, however, remains to be seen. In the meantime, check out the fresh batch of advanced stylized renderings and live shots, all courtesy of Audi, in the gallery ahead.

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