Audi CrossTown Coupe Concept is Bold

Not the weirdest thing we've ever seen, but still very weird.

Yeah, this one isn’t going to be for everyone. The rendering you see here is the work of designer Theophilus Chin, and it’s a strange one. But perhaps the most confusing aspect of it is the decision to use the word “coupe” in the title of the CrossTown Coupe Concept. We can only assume that this is something akin to an El Camino, and because it has two doors and would be built on a car platform, that's enough to merit the coupe name.

It’s really not such a bad concept, and when you get right down to it, it’s more the Audi-ness of the thing rather than the vehicle itself which causes any initial shock. There have been plenty of similar vehicles made, so (assuming it had actually originated from Audi’s design studios) the big question is whether people would buy one from a luxury brand. What do you think, could Audi get away with something so utilitarian?

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