Audi Doesn't Have the Balls to Build this TT Shooting Brake

Prove us wrong, Audi.

We’ve heard all sorts of talk coming from Audi in regards to a potential expansion of the TT family. Basically instead of just the familiar coupe and convertible, Audi is considering a future TT sedan and possibly even a small crossover. Two things about that: A sedan would seemingly compete with the A3/S3. Definitely not what Audi wants. And second, a TT-based crossover could cause the Q3 some trouble. Bottom line: both sedan and crossover would create internal competition.

That’s bad business, and Audi ought to come up with something new and different. One answer is a TT shooting brake. Call it a three door wagon if you’d prefer. Give it a Quattro system, manual gearbox, and heck why not, a turbo diesel four. It’d be fuel efficient, fun-to-drive, all-weather capable, and above all, unique. Yeah, we know. Chances of this happening aren’t good. In fact they suck. But if Audi were to say "screw it, let’s take a chance," we’d be all over this. These potential TT shooting brake renderings come courtesy of Theophilus Chin. Its simple, clean styling is awesome. Audi, pay attention here.

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