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Audi E-Tron Already Being Recalled For Major Issue

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Not an ideal launch for Audi's first ever EV.

As the automaker's first-ever fully electric vehicle, the e-tron SUV is an extremely important model for Audi. Expectations are astronomically high, so Audi will want to avoid any negative publicity surrounding the electric SUV at launch. Unfortunately, the e-tron has already been hit with a recall for a serious issue just after customer deliveries have started.

Specifically, the e-tron is being recalled due to a "potentially faulty seal" that could allow moisture into the battery compartment. This could result in a warning light coming on, a short circuit, or, in a worst-case scenario, cause a fire to start.

The voluntary recall affects approximately 540 e-tron vehicles that have been delivered to customers and 1,644 units in total, but it's a relatively small recall compared to the 324,226 GM trucks, 874,000 Fords, 925,000 BMWs that were recently recalled for fire risks. Audi says no incidents related to the issue have been reported and expects a repair to become available in August 2019. Customers are being contacted directly to be informed of the recall and to arrange an appointment with their local dealer.

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New e-tron owners will have the option of continuing to drive the vehicle until a warning light illuminates. If this happens, owners are advised to turn off the car and park it in an open space so Audi can retrieve the vehicle and take it to the dealership. Alternatively, Audi is offering affected e-tron owners a loaner vehicle while they wait for a fix, in addition to a gift card worth around $800 to cover the cost of gas. Vehicle pickup and delivery service are also included. In addition, Audi will also offer complementary AudiCare maintenance, or offer reimbursements for those who paid for service up front.

Starting at $74,800, the Audi e-tron uses two electric motors to power all four wheels, with outputs of up to 402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque in 'boost' mode and 354 hp in standard configuration. 0-62 mph takes 5.5 seconds and the e-tron will deliver 204 miles on a single charge.