Audi e-tron GT And Porsche Taycan Have This One Thing In Common


The two upcoming performance EVs share just one exterior design element.

If you're a fan of the just revealed Audi e-tron GT concept then chances are you're going to like the production version when it debuts in 2021. According to Motor Authority, not much is going to change, exterior design wise, for the production-spec model.

Speaking to Audi design chief Mark Lichte last month, Motor Authority was told "This is a metal sheet body already, and you can imagine how close it is with a metal sheet body." What does this mean? The implication is that the general sheet metal styling won't change, though Lichte added some details will. Although that's not surprising when a concept goes to production, don't expect to see things like those big 22-inch wheels and futuristic door handles.

Instead, wheel size will decrease by 1-inch and those slick door handles will be swapped for a more conventional design. Turns out the e-tron GT's final design was finalized six months ago, well ahead of its 2020 premiere date.

"We started working on the e-tron (GT) two years ago… when I first saw the Taycan. And we thought about what if we use this platform and do an Audi version on top of it without sharing detail in the exterior or interior," Lichte added. What's interesting is that the Porsche engineers and designers completed all of their work on the Taycan even before Lichte and his team got started.

Both vehicles will share an all-electric platform, but Audi has stressed that its engineers tuned the air-spring suspension in order to further differentiate the e-tron GT from the Taycan. In fact, Lichte said that both Audi and Porsche teams consulted every few weeks to make sure the two cars remained very different inside and out. Badge engineering was out of the question from the get-go. But there is one exterior component found in both the e-tron GT and Taycan: the same windshield.


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