Audi e-tron GT Imagined As Coupe, Wagon And Convertible


The four-door e-tron GT concept gets a makeover before it's even launched.

The e-tron GT concept was just unveiled at this year's LA Auto Show and its futuristic lines draw from Audi's current designs, especially the A7 Sportback, but with an added level of aggression and sportiness. The production version of this stunning concept is slated for a 2020 release and should be well-placed to take on the upcoming Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S thanks to dual electric motors which produce a combined 582 horsepower.

Acceleration times should be close to a P100D, unless of course a more powerful variant of the Model S is launched by then. Visually though, we think that the e-tron GT has the Model S beat and knowing how the Germans like to cover just about every bodystyle, the e-tron GT is quite likely to be offered in a range of sportier shapes too.

Graphic designer Nikita Aksyonov has beaten Audi to the punch here by visualizing what he thinks the e-tron GT would look like in three additional body shapes. The wagon is a two-door variant with a shooting-brake style rear end that somehow reminds us of the original Audi RS2, even if that car was a four-door estate. Perhaps it is that electric blue paintwork.

While Audi's own e-tron GT concept makes do without door handles, Nikita has added them to his renders, a practical touch that will most likely make it to the actual production models too.

The coupe body style looks very good as well, it is more likely to make it to production than the wagon/shooting-brake and it could be a viable all-electric alternative to the current RS5. The bright green convertible render is perhaps the most beautiful of all, the e-tron GT's lines suit it perfectly and from certain angles it could be mistaken for an R8 Spyder which is no bad thing.

While Audi may still be putting the finishing touches on the four-door e-tron GT we have no doubt that its in-house designers are hard at work on expanding the range, some of which may look very much like these images right here.

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