Audi e-tron GT Will Arrive With Three Years Of Free Charging

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The new sedan will arrive with plenty of convenience offerings.

Audi just teased its upcoming RS3 in a new family photo and is also working on a project designed to beat Tesla at everything. One of the best tools in its arsenal and a car that certainly is off to a good start is the Audi e-tron GT, a car that is meant to - among other things - become Audi's design icon of the 21st century. It has more than just good looks and impressive performance (0-60 mph in under four seconds) to lure Tesla customers away though.

Audi has announced that the 2022 EV will arrive with an "available premium electrified ecosystem, including three years of complimentary DC fast charging."

Audi Charge Port AUDI AG
Charge Port

Like guardian company Volkswagen, Audi is teaming up with Electrify America to make this happen, using its network of chargers to provide easily accessible stations for Audi owners to recharge at. These chargers offer speeds of up to 270 kW and, as DC fast chargers, can get the e-tron GT from five to 80 percent capacity (around 180 miles) in approximately 22 minutes. Also available is "white-glove concierge home charger installation provided by Qmerit". These concierge services will be introduced in July and will provide the expertise of installation professionals who have had their background and experience vetted before being hired.

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Side View
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Various chargers will be available, including Electrify America's HomeStation charger that can refill an EV's battery at rates of up to 9.6 kW, seven times quicker than a regular wall socket. Electrify America says that, under the right conditions, this charger can offer up to 33 miles of charge per hour, although it did not say that this rate was applicable to the Audi e-tron GT specifically. It's clever too, as you can use the Electrify America app to schedule, start, and stop charging remotely.

With the e-tron GT expected to go on sale this summer, Audi is offering not just a premium electric car, but also a way of making that EV a new technology that is easy to live with.

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