Audi Explores New e-Gas Technology

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It seems that Audi is fully aware of the fact that generating electricity for EVs is not as environmentally clean as many believe. Burning coal and nuclear power stations, the only two realistic sources currently available to provide the electricity to charge EVs, each have their faults. Fortunately, Audi is launching a new initiative called "Audi balanced mobility". Basically, Audi is looking at producing green power, unlike other automakers who rely on purchasing it from third parties.

At a recent presentation in Hamburg, Germany, Audi outlined plans for its "e-gas" gas technology project where they would produce energy by means of wind farms located in the North Sea. This wind-generated electricity could then be used in several different ways such as manufacturing hydrogen by means of electrolysis. The hydrogen could then be used as a source of energy for fuel-cell vehicles, or even to manufacture methane. As it turns out, methane (which Audi refers to as the e-gas), is chemically identical to natural gas and is able to power combustion engines.

Beginning in 2013, Audi plans to begin series production of natural gas cars that are powered with this e-gas. The news gets even better: e-gas can be piped using existing fuel infrastructure which would provide a solution to how green power could be stored. In addition, the electricity generated from the wind farms could be pumped back into the grid system. This is all just another reason why we love Audi.

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