Audi Fires The First Shot In The Electric Car Charging War

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The future of the car is shaping up to be a strange one indeed.

When new technology is introduced to the masses, brands compete to establish dominance by making it so that another competing technology is incompatible with what the company makes. This happened when Microsoft released HD DVDs with players that couldn't play Blu-Ray discs and vice versa. However, Audi says it has wised up to this practice because it ends up being detrimental to the adoption of the new technology. Audi is negotiating with German and US automakers to come out with a standard plug for all electric cars to use.

This sounds good in theory, but the big asterisk is that Tesla would not be included in this deal. So much for a universal plug. Now electric cars will be relegated to the same ranks as Apple and Android devices. Some may speculate that Audi is using this tactic because it's afraid of Tesla and wants to run it into the ground. They may be right because Audi also plans on building its own network to rival Tesla's supercharging stations. Contrary to the reality of the proposition, Audi USA's president Scott Keogh said that it would be naive, inefficient, and expensive for each automaker to create a station that only works with it's own brand.

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