Audi Geared Towards Performance with RS Variants for the U.S.

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Audi is bringing more performance vehicles to the U.S. The TT RS has arrived and will be followed by the RS5.

Audi's parent company, VW, wants to become the world's largest automaker. To step up their game in the U.S, they plan to release at least two new models of the Audi high-performance RS series. As mentioned earlier, the 360hp turbocharged TT RS has arrived at dealerships nationwide. The beastly 450hp RS5 is scheduled to make its way to the U.S. early next year. Audi's push towards performance comes with their new strategy to boost profits on individual sales.

Plans for new RS models to be introduced for the U.S. could be in the works, as sales pick up for the current RS lineup. An RS6 model is rumored to be making its way across the pond. "We're now taking the first steps with the TT RS and the RS5. I could indeed imagine that we'll continue along that route in the future," Audi sales head Peter Schwarzenbauer told Bloomberg. Audi expects their bottom line on average transactions to increase even more, as the switch to performance cars picks up. The Audi TT RS prices at $56,850. The RS5 should run about $20,000 more than the S5, to a tune of $80,000-plus.

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